Dawg Daze


Dawg Daze is an exciting collection of activities and events held to welcome new freshmen & transfer students to Mississippi State. Join us daily, beginning on August 8, and enjoy all the food, music, movies, southern hospitality and fun that Mississippi State has to offer! View the Dawg Daze Activities page for details.

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    #MSUDawgDaze is just around the corner. Don’t forget to add your programs t@OrgSyncnc!
    10:31 am Jun 22nd

    RT @NewMaroonCamp: Y'all don't forget to check us out at Orientation this summer! We have an info session and a booth at the Org Fairs. Hop…
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    Stop by the Org Fair and visit @MSUBSU to learn about their exciting events for Dawg Daze! #MSUDawgDaze
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    Hey new Bulldogs! Stop by the Org Fair 6PM in the Junction & find out about groups' #MSUDawgDaze events!#WeRingTrue @msstate @MSStateAdmit
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