Dawg Daze


Dawg Daze is an exciting collection of activities and events held to welcome new freshmen & transfer students to Mississippi State. Join us daily, beginning on August 9, and enjoy all the food, music, movies, southern hospitality and fun that Mississippi State has to offer! View the Dawg Daze Activities page for details.

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Dawg Daze is done, but now you know people & groups to stay active! A survey is coming to help make next year's even better! Hail State!
9:14 am Aug 26th

Dawg Daze 2013 is winding down, but we've still got some great events! Tailgate party at 3:00 today!
1:46 pm Aug 23rd

Dawg Daze isn't over - not by a long shot! Honor Code, Music Maker Interest Meeting & Stroll Off tonight!
4:51 pm Aug 22nd

Discover SCUBA pic.twitter.com/4w0t1rf9HH
6:14 pm Aug 20th

Power is back on - and so are our events! Discover SCUBA is getting started!
5:35 pm Aug 20th

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Dawg Daze on Facebook